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Want to learn how to Ice Skate?

Try it Free Class – Every Saturday at 10:45am – 11:15am all new skaters are welcome to try a class! We take the first 20 skaters so plan to arrive early to check in.  Contact Shannon@ellentonice.com  for more information.

The Skating Academy at Ellenton Ice is designed to serve the needs of both recreational and competitive skaters. The curriculum will keep skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals. Our talented and diverse coaching staff are able to provide skaters with a fun and safe learning environment that encourages a goal orientated environment at all levels of skating.

The Ellenton Ice Skate Academy offers a wide variety of classes from technical classes to specialty classes. Our technical classes consist of the fundamental skills that are necessary for the skater to successfully move through the sport of figure skating. Those learning hockey will follow through Basic 3 then move to the Hockey Academy. Skaters will gain knowledge of the sport, enabling them to advance to more specialized areas of skating. Our specialty classes consist of classes geared specifically towards jumps, spins, footwork, edges, and more!

Class Structure

The Skating Academy runs as ongoing class structure which allows the skater to move at their own pace. There is an Academy Controller that is always available to assist the on ice instructors, inform parents about information pertaining to the rink, individually test skaters, assist students to the proper class, and make sure classes are running smoothly.

The Academy has a Button Reward Program in place which helps skaters and parents track their progress. Each skater will be given a button and must wear their button to every class. The buttons have the skills listed for the class the skater is taking. Once the skater has mastered a skill the coach of their class will place a sticker next to that element. When the skater has obtained stickers for all of the elements on their button they will be tested by the Controller. The Controller will take the skater aside and test them individually, if the skater passes they will receive a certificate, a new button for the next class and have their photo taken to be placed on the new wall of fame and put in our monthly emailed newsletter.

*Specialty Classes are to enhance the technical classes and do not have the sticker/button reward system.

Class Schedule

Tuesday Schedule Wednesday Schedule Thursday Schedule Saturday Schedule
5:30 Advanced Spin 5:30 Axel/Dbl Jump 5:30 Beginner Jump
5:30 Snowplow Sam 1 5:30 Snowplow Sam 1 5:30 Snowplow Sam 1 9:45 Axel/Dbl Jump
5:30 Snowplow Sam 2 5:30 Snowplow Sam 2 5:30 Snowplow Sam 2 9:45 Freestyle 1 & 2
5:30 Snowplow Sam 3 5:30 Snowplow Sam 3 5:30 Snowplow Sam 3 9:45 Freestyle 3 & 4
5:30 Basic 1 5:30 Basic 1 5:30 Basic 1 9:45 Freestyle 5 & 6
5:30 Basic 2 5:30 Basic 2 5:30 Basic 2 10:15 Intro Synchro
5:30 Basic 3 5:30 Basic 2 5:30 Basic 3 10:15 Basic 6
5:30 Basic 4 5:30 Basic 4 5:30 Basic 4 10:15 Basic 7
5:30 Hockey (1 hour) 5:30  Hockey (1 hour) 10:15 Basic 8
6:00 Basic 5 10:15 Adults Beg/Adv
6:00 Basic 5 6:00 Basic 6 6:00 Basic 5
6:00 Basic 6 6:00 Basic 7 6:00 Basic 6 10:45 Footwork
6:00 Basic 7 6:00 Basic 8 6:00 Basic 7 10:45 Try It Free
6:00 Basic 8 6:00 Freestyle 1 & 2 6:00 Basic 8 10:45 Basic 4
6:00 Freestyle 1 & 2 6:00 Freestyle 3 & 4 6:00 Adults Beg/Adv 10:45 Basic 5
6:00 Freestyle 3 & 4 6:00 Freestyle 5 & 6 6:00 Freestyle 1 & 2
6:00 Freestyle 5 6:00 Freestyle 3 & 4 11:15 Snowplow Sam 1
6:00 Freestyle 5 11:15 Snowplow Sam 2
12:15 Adults Beg/Adv 11:15 Snowplow Sam 3
11:15 Basic 1
11:15 Basic 2
11:15 Basic 3
11:15 Beginner Spin

Specialty Class Descriptions

Advanced Spins: The advanced spins class is geared toward the skater who is working on taking their spins to the next level. The class focuses on improving basic spin positions and enhancing the ability of the skater to obtain more challenging spin positions. Skaters are expected to be at Freestyle 1 or higher.

Beginner Edge Class: This on ice conditioning program will help to strengthen stroking technique, develop power, flow and proper edge control. This class is designed for the beginner freestyle skaters who wish to improve and enhance their current skating ability. Skaters are expected to be level Basic 6 or higher.

Beginner Jumps: The beginner jump class is intended to assist the skater in learning proper take-off and landings. The focus will be on beginner jumps starting with waltz jump working through lutz jump. Skaters are expected to be level Basic 6 or higher.

Advanced Stroking: This skating class offers skaters the opportunity to improve upon one of the most important aspects of skating: endurance. Skaters will learn advanced stroking techniques, warm-up/cool-down techniques, conditioning, heart-rate monitoring, power turns, edges, and steps. Skaters are expected to be Pre-Preliminary level Moves or higher.

Axel/Double Jump Class: The advanced figure skating double jump class is a figure skating class offering skater the opportunity to focus on advanced jump techniques in a group class setting. The class will include work on rotation position, take-off and landings. Skaters in the class should be working on Axels and Double Jumps in their private lessons.

Footwork: The footwork class is designed to teach skaters basic footwork elements and sequences. Skaters will learn how to link together steps and turns taught in previous classes. Skaters are expected to be level Basic 6 or higher.

Beginner Spins: This specialty class is designed to teach skaters who are just starting to learn how to spin the proper entry to spins, how to spin faster with accurate positions, improve spin centering, and correct spin positions. Skaters should be in level Basic 5 or higher.

Intro to Synchronized Skating: This class will teach the fundamentals of synchronized skating and introduce the five basic elements (circle, line, block, intersection and wheel skating). It is a discipline of figure skating where skaters will skate as a team, learn new skating maneuvers and formations to music.

* All specialty classes are intended as supplements to Skate Academy classes and Private Lessons. 


Throughout each skater’s career, there will be many times they have to display their skills in front of a panel of judges. Ellenton Ice holds learning the fundamentals of the sport at a very high standard. This allows for skaters to have the necessary building blocks for a strong career later in their development. When testing, the controller is looking for mastery of a skill. At this level, skaters will be given the opportunity to attempt elements more than once. Certificates will be awarded at the time a test has been passed.

Stickers for Classes and Public Sessions

In order to attend classes or use the public session privilege you must check in at the reception desk. Your account will pop up on our screen and the cashier will issue you a sticker to attend classes and or the public. Skaters will NOT be allowed on classes or public skate without a sticker.

Public  Session and Rental Skates Included

In order to provide our skaters with ample opportunity to practice their skills,  public skate session are included on your class days. Additionally, rental skates will be included with your paid membership and dues! On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays the 2:00PM – 5:25PM public session will be included in your membership to practice or take a private lesson if you skate either one of those days. Saturday classes will include the afternoon public skate session. Thursday 12:15pm Adult Class will include the morning public skate that day. This is a great opportunity to practice your skills directly before your class on Tuesdays or Thursdays or right after your class on Saturday. Speak with one of our professional coaching staff to set up a private lesson. Nothing beats one on one attention to grasp and perfect a skill!

Registration and Auto Billing 

With the new system you will only have to register once. Our auto billing system is state of the art. It is quadruple encrypted and your credit card number is never seen after it is swiped and connected to your account.

Every 4th of the month members are billed.

Adding or Taking Away Classes

Adding or taking away classes is done with ease. Come into the rink and fill out a simple form and your request will go into effect the following week.

Membership Suspension or Cancelation

When you are a member in good standing, once a year for $16 you may hold/suspend you membership for up to 3 months. This holding of your membership allows you to return to our Skating Academy without having to renew a membership. Remember you can only take advantage of make-up classes and public session privileges when you are paying monthly dues. While a membership is suspended it also suspends the make-up classes and publics.

Cancelling is easy too. Cancellation can be done in person at the rink. A cancellation form will need to be filled out 10 days before the auto billing date and your membership will be cancelled.

Make-Up Classes

Making up classes has never been easier. Since classes are ongoing you have up to 3 months to make up a class. If you’re sick or have another engagement one week, you can always come in on another day other than your registered class day and make up a class. You can even make up a class on one of our specialty classes if you meet the minimum level requirement. Our state of the art software allows our staff to know what class you may have missed to help you take the right make up class. It is important to note that to take advantage of make-ups you must maintain you monthly dues. Our fees are based on 48 weeks of classes in a 12 month period.

Pricing Structure

$74 Registration fee

$64 Registration fee for any immediate family member

$95 per month – 1 class per week membership (1/2 hour class)

$151 per month – 2 classes per week membership

$194 per month – 3 classes per week membership

$221 per month – 4 classes per week membership

Any additional classes are $26 per month

Hockey Academy – Pricing Structure

$74 Registration fee

$64 Registration fee for any immediate family member

$112 per month – 1 Hockey class per week membership (1 hour class)

$194 per month – 2 Hockey classes per week membership

$167 per month – 1 Hockey class per week / 1 Figure skating class per week

$216 per month – 2 Hockey class per week/ 1 Figure skating class per week

Academy Off Dates 2024

Every year we take four weeks OFF classes due to special events and holidays. Bellow are the four Tuesdays, four Wednesdays, four Thursdays, and four Saturdays there will be NO skate academy classes in 2024:


  • Tuesday, January 2nd – Winter Break
  • Tuesday, May 28th – Spring Show Tech Run
  • Tuesday, November 26th – Thanksgiving Break
  • Tuesday, December 24th – Winter Break


  • Wednesday, January 3rd – Winter Break
  • Wednesday, July 3rd – Independence Break
  • Wednesday, November 27th – Thanksgiving Break
  • Wednesday, December 25th – Winter Break


  • Thursday, January 4th – Winter Break
  • Thursday, July 4th – Independence Break
  • Thursday, November 8th – Thanksgiving Break
  • Thursday, December 26th – Winter Break


  • Saturday, March 9th – SWFFSC Spring Classic Competition
  • Saturday, September 14th – SWFFSC Fall Classic Competition
  • Saturday, November 30th – Thanksgiving Break
  • Saturday, December 28th – Winter Break

Above dates are NOT subject to make up classes.

Contact Information

For information regarding accounts, billing, registration, classes or our skating program in general please contact:

Shannon Raley

Skate Academy Coordinator


941-723-3663 x 213

Upcoming Events

March 25th – 29th, 2024 – Spring Break Camp

May 17th-19th – Sunshine State Games

June 1st, 2024 – Spring Show – At the Movies

June 10th – July 26th, 2024 – Summer Camps

September 27th-29th, 2024 – SWFFSC Fall Classic Competition

December 14th, 2024 – Holiday Show

Helpful Hints

What to Wear: comfortable warm clothing (long pants), and either gloves or mittens. Helmets are recommended for beginning skaters.

Skates: should fit snugly through the ankle, still allowing the skaters toes to wiggle, and a thin sock (high enough to cover the top of the skating boot) is recommended. If you’d like to purchase skates, please consult with one of our professional coaches to help you choose the most appropriate skate for your level.

Make-up Classes: if you miss a class it can be made up on another day within 90 days.

Private Lessons:  supplement the group classes and are given on a public session or on freestyle ice. Please see the website for coaches’ information or check with any of the professional coaches for more information.

If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact Shannon at shannon@ellentonice.com, (941) 723 – 3663 ext 213

Have Questions? Contact Our Manager For Details